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  • New Hampshire Rep. Keith Erf (R-Hillsborough-2) introduced H.B. 597, legislation that would restrict government entities from receiving or using personal data of New Hampshire residents from third parties and also from using resident's data to create profiles or dossiers. https://www.insightsassociation.org/article/new-hampshire-would-restrict-government-data-collection-and-use-hb-597 ------------------------------

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    Anthony, I'd offer a few thoughts on customer satisfaction, which may help: Whether satisfaction numbers are good predictors of customer behavior often depends on how well you understand what's driving satisfaction in the first place. A number like CSAT or NPS will tell you if people are satisfied or if they would recommend, but it doesn't tell you why. A deeper analysis in your survey of underlying customer needs, how well you are satisfying those, and critically, how correlated they are with ...

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    Hi Anthony,  I agree with you that much of general customer sat research does not seem to be highly predictive. As such, I wanted to mention some work that a colleague of mine has been working on in emotional measurement. I have used this emotional measurement methodology to measure emotions in the financial services space with great success and has allowed us to understand how consumers feel about brands in the space. This method is based to the Plutchick wheel of emotions and measures both overt ...

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