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  • As in most years, Sacramento debated plenty of legislation on labor and tax issues that would be detrimental to the insights industry. Aside from the Insights Association's advocacy campaign win with the passage of A.B. 1561 (regarding research subjects and independent contractor status), here's where things stand at the end of the 2021 legislative session. https://www.insightsassociation.org/article/california-labor-legislation-update-end-2021-session ------------------------------

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    Dear Gayle, City employees can be reached via their emails that are typically listed on the city web site. They are public employees so their contacts are available for anybody who wants to contact them. Good luck with your study! I can help recruit similar target in 🇨🇦 if ever needed. Anna Vagramova ------------------------ Field Director East To West Marketing Inc. 1 (604) 461-6651 annavagramova@gmail.com 580, 101-1001 W Broadway Vancouver, BC, Canada http://www.east-to-west.net/

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    Hi Kristina, Hope you are having a great Friday!  Welcome back to the Insights Community.  I am curious if Didion is similar to MycoTechnology, melt ORGANIC and Ingredion? If so, I thought you would be interested in how we help them access customer feedback early and often at a fraction of the cost of traditional research methods. They are executing idea, naming and packaging tests using our agile, iterative insights platform. Additionally, we offer interactive insights technologies ...

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