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    In any B2B or C-Suite study, especially working across multiple time zones, you need to set a time (7-9pm ET) and understand that anyone that cannot join at this time is collateral damage. You will never be able to conform to everyone's preference, it's more about paying them enough to make it worth their time to accommodate their schedule to meet your needs. Very few top Executives belong to any panel, and if they do they want to charge a consulting fee (way too much) for an hour of their time. ...

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    Hi Cheryl, In our experience the best times to reach HR professionals in the US are over the lunch hour, before their work day begins (often 7-8 AM) or after the work day normally ends but before dinner (often 5-6 PM).  A complicating factor is if you have multiple time zones participating in the same group, which would make it harder to align this. In some B2B studies we have included a question towards the end of the screener, asking directly: What time of day usually works best for you? This ...

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    I am planning some virtual focus groups with business executives/HR personnel. What works best for time of day for business professionals to attend virtual groups? Any recommendations or considerations you have used would be appreciated. Thanks. ------------------------------ Cheryl Powers The Research Edge Saint Paul MN ------------------------------

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